Introducing TOGA™ The Upgrade Your EOS® Has Been Waiting For

TOGA™ is a real-life upgrade for your beloved EOS® lip balms that improves portability, aesthetics, and usability in a stylish and simple way. TOGA™ was meticulously designed to fit your favorite egg-shaped lip balm perfectly. With a tight hold, your EOS® is not going anywhere... unless you want it to.

With TOGA™, you can take your EOS® wherever you go, while knowing exactly where you last left it. On your bag, belt, or keychain--it's there when you need it. Both TOGA™ and TOGA™ Lite were designed to work beautifully with with any egg-shaped EOSTOGA™ lip balm you own. Both are made from durable silicone. 

We're currently taking pre-orders for TOGA via our newly launched Kickstarter campaign with a target ship date of mid December, 2016. Order yours today!